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Friday, November 18, 2011

Middle November- It's getting cold!

Sorry that it has been so long since our last post! Here's the update!

Russ is still busy in the clinic, seeing patients and working on the administrative side of things as well. As an answer to prayer, we now have 2 new lab techs who are doing well. One is the wife of one of the students at the Bible college. Our new providers, including Russ, have tried to be involved in the community and it seems that more people are starting to come to the clinic. We saw 100 more patients this Sept than in Sept 2010. We continue to have a variety of problems, from issues with pregnant patients ( no deliveries!), to meningitis, and 2 people that amputated fingers. It is both challenging and interesting!

Sue and the kids continue to be active in the AWANA program and Russ has helped out at times. It really does reach out to many different kids from around the valley, including kids from the villages. Russ continues to lead a devotion and prayer time for our patients at the clinic on Wednesday mornings. On Halloween, the clinic sponsored a fall festival where parents could bring their kids to get some treats. We served hot dogs, Sue made balloon animals, and the kids helped hand out candy. We gave out bags of candy with tracts, similar to what they do for the fall festival at Riverview Baptist back at home. We've had some opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and pray with patients when they have come into the ER here. Karie, our PA, went to a conference on child abuse so that she could work with the Child Advocacy Center here, which is definitely needed.

It's getting cold, 25 below zero tonight. We have at least a foot of snow on the ground. We've rounded up some used cross country skis and taken the kids skiing once. which was fun. Sue did not get to go because of her knee, but hopefully that will change. She had surgery on Monday and did well. She did not have any nausea from the anesthesia, which was a great answer to prayer. She had her cartilage trimmed, which was probably causing the pain. She did have some ligament damage, but nothing that needed surgery and hopefully the knee will do well. She's resting it ( at times), and overall is doing well. She has crutches with spikes on the bottom for the ice! Hopefully she will be off of them in a week or so. Basketball for Case is over, he was a team captain and had a good season. Russ went with him as a chaperone on the last trip to Cordova ( see the pictures). We had to get on the school bus at 7 am ( 13 below zero, cold bus ride), drive 2 hours, get on a ferry, ride 6 hours, then get off the ferry in blowing snow, ride another bus to the school and play a game! The ultimate home court advantage in my book! Overall we're doing well, but still miss our friends and family in VA. Russ' mom and sister were able to come and stay for a week. They just left 2 days ago and we had a great visit.

Prayer Requests

For the continued outreach through the clinic to the lost and hurting in the Copper River Valley. Our understanding is that depression and alcoholism increase at this time of year. That we would have wisdom medically and the right words when people come to see us. That the light of Christ would shine through us here in the valley.

Continued encouragement for the staff at Cross Road Medical Center and that God would send the right people to serve here. We still need nurses and a physical therapist.

For the outreach through the AWANA program at the Glennallen Community Chapel.

For Sue and her knee, that her rehab would go well and that she would be up and around without problems.

For the kids as they continue to adjust to new surroundings and make new friends.

Thanks for all the calls, emails, and especially the prayers!
In Christ,
The Meltons

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Pictures

Ansley with the clowns at the Fall Festival

Luke and Bridger giving out candy at the Fall Festival at the clinic

The ferry ride to Cordova

The school at Cordova with the mountain in the background. You can only get here by water or plane.

The harbor at Cordova with the monument to the lost captains

Pictures from the ferry of the rain forest and the mountains on the coast

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