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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A few favorites from our trip and our first few days in Alaska

Hey, everybody!

Luke here. We've been in Alaska for a couple of weeks now, and we're settling in well. Sorry we haven't made any new posts for a while. It's really cool here, with lots of bike trails around the house and lots of cool people to meet!

The trip went well, with relatively few crises. My favorite part was seeing the sign post forest. It was a place where workers on the Alaska Highway put up signposts telling how far it was to nearby towns. However, they had some fun with it, adding in their hometowns and famous cities. Then, people from all over the world started putting up signs from their home towns, and how far away they were! It was amazing to see how many people had been there, and how many places were represented.


this is Ansley! I had a couple of favorite things. One of them was going to Wisconsin Dells!!!!! I oved that waterpark! I also loved seeing all of the beautiful scenary in Banff and Jasper. The views of the mountains there were UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

I loved seeing all of the wildlife life! We saw a lot of bears, bison, elk, and some moose! My last favorite part of the trip was getting to Alaska! I was really relived when we finally got there! I love and miss all of you!!!!!!!!


This is Bridger. My favorite part of the trip was seeing the DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!! (just kidding). I really liked Wisconsin Dells and all the national parks we visited. The first week in Alaska was great. The second day here, we played ultimate frisbee with some kids from the youth group at one of the churches. We've also been mountain biking on trails around the bible college. I miss everybody in Virginia and hope that you guys can come visit.


This is Case. My favorite thing was the water slide . My first week was fun and I've made some new friends. I can ride my bike everywhere and I can play soccer with some of my friends!


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