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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sites from the shore and the air

Medical- Work at the clinic has been fairly busy. There are many administrative tasks to take care of that have not been done recently. Our new PA and nurse practitioner are starting to see patients and doing well. Continue to pray for nurses. We just got a new graduate from Biola University in CA, but could really use another experienced nurse.

Missions- We are starting to work on more organized outreach in the clinic. We have a chaplain who does a devotion over the intercom each morning for staff and patients. Russ has been talking with him about other outreach possibilites. We have started a weekly devotion and time to pray for our patients who request prayer, which is similar to what Russ did in Pearisburg. Luke has started to volunteer to help the IT specialist at the clinic and at the local Christian radio station. Sue continues to be involved in the ladies Bible study and the kids are really enjoying the youth group at church.

Life- School has started! The kids are actually studying Alaska history, which is required here.
Luke is taking 3 classes at Alaska Bible college- Old Testament Survey, Speech, and Principles
of Bible Study. Sue is actually taking the last class with Luke and both are enjoying it. Last weekend we went to Anchorage to shop and run some errands. We were able to stay with the Caseys, who are missionaries with SEND. Mr Casey is a pilot who flies missionaries to remote villages. We had planned to stay into Monday, and then realized that Luke needed to be back for classes. We're still getting used to college! Mr Casey was giving a flying lesson on Sunday and set it up so that they could take Luke back to Glennallen. He was lucky and got to see the trip from the air. The picture is from their backyard. I've never seen a canal that had floatplanes instead of boats in the backyard! We went to church with the Caseys and the kids walked home from church with them. They got to see a floatplane take off from the lake on the way home.

After church we headed south out of Anchorage to see some sites. We went down to an inlet named Turnagain Arm. We were able to see some Beluga whales in the inlet. We also were able to see the bore tide. If the tide is high enough, when it comes in it will travel up the inlet in a wave 3-6 feet high. The first picture is a picture of this wave moving up the inlet. People were out surfing the wave and kite boarding on it. The kite boarding looked really fun!
On Monday we finished our errands, and our shopping, loaded up the trailer and headed home. Russ is working this weekend, so we are having a quiet weekend at home. Sue's knee is slowly getting better, thanks for all of the prayers!

The Meltons
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