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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter is coming!

Things are still going fairly well in the clinic. We are getting ready to change the prescription part of the computer program. We have seen some wrecks related to black ice in the area. One of the providers that has been here for 2 years will be leaving next month, so that will be a transition for the patients as well as the people at the clinic. We have hired 2 new lab assistants lately, but continue to need nurses!

At the clinic, we have ordered the Saline Solution, a Christian conference on incorporating your faith into the practice of medicine. We continue to have prayer times for the clinic and patients on Wednesdays and Sundays. We have ordered Our Daily Bread to have for patients at the clinic, as well as Indian Life, a native Christian publication. Sue and the kids continue to be involved in AWANA. They have 50- 70 kids in the club. It is a mix of kids from Glennallen and some of the native villages in the area. Sue has a girl in her TNT group that comes from a broken home and just moved here. She told Sue that the only thing in her life that has stayed the same is AWANA. We see many disrupted families here related to drug and alcohol issues. As we get to know the area better, we hear more about the spiritual warfare that is taking place here.


Sue was able to go in a plane ride while on the women's retreat. She got to go up with a a missionary bush pilot who is working to train pilots for missionary aviation in Russia. We went to the orthopedist and Sue has arthroscopic surgery scheduled for her knee at the end of the month. Russ' mom and sister will be coming to visit for a week in November and we are looking forward to that. Ansley is taking a painting class and seems to be enjoying it. Case is playing on the middle school basketball team. The season started last weekend at an Air Force base on Friday and Saturday. Sue, Bridger, and Ansley drove the 3 hours up to the games and saw the biggest bull moose that they had ever seen. Luke continues to enjoy Bible college. For you soccer fans, we have been able to play some indoor soccer in the college gym. We got our first real snow today! Hope to be able to cross country ski soon!

Prayer Requests

Please pray concerning the spiritual warfare in the area, especially as related to the outreach of the native churches, the families in the area, and our family as we reach out to those around us.

Please continue to pray that God would send mission minded nurses to work at the clinic, as well as the outreach of the clinic to those that come seeking medical care.

Please pray that things would go well with Sue's upcoming surgery.

Please continue to pray for good friends for the kids.

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