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Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Pictures

We saw this moose in the Arbys drive thru, not sure if it was planning on taking the snowmobile!

Moose in our neighborhood, two doors down

A snowblower on the roof!

Bridger and Case shoveling off a neighbor's roof

Shoveling the roof at Grizzly Lake

Sue has not been able to ski because of her knee, but she can snowshoe!

From 50 below to 30 above in two weeks!

You get ice on your eyelashes when it gets really cold
( and the hair in your nose freezes, too)

When you drive at 40 below, you have to scrape the ice from the INSIDE of you window!

Only in Alaska can it warm up 70 degrees in 10 days (feels like spring) and still be snowing!
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