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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26

We made it over the Rockies. The mountains were very pretty, here is a picture of a lake in the mountains. The lakes are amazing colors of blue and green, but don't show up well in pictures, especially on cloudy days. We have had rain every day since hitting the mountains. Today the high was about 50 degrees! Two days ago, we were able to swim in a natural hot springs, that was fun.

We are now at Whitehorse in the Yukon. We went thourgh Watson Lake, which has the signpost forest. People post signs from their hometowns all around the world, we found 1 from
Radford. We were able to go biking again, this
time on a flat gravel road. It went much better.

We have a long day tomorrow. We hope to
make it to Alaska and then get to
Glennallen on Thursday. Things are going
well, please keep up the prayers! It may take a few days to get internet once we get there, so we may have to finish next week. We have had NO cell phone service in northern Canada, so we apologize if you called! We will try to touch base once we get to Alaska.

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  1. Wow- it is beeeeautiful there! I'm jealous :-)

    So... people actually schlep their hometown signs all the way to Canada???

    Russ- you look good in orange.

    Blessings from the Rileys

  2. Max here. I think that your meeting up with the Steeles was pretty cool. I think your trip is pretty interesting so far unless a grizzly bear decides to spoil the party. The biking sure looks fun. I just found out that my new soccer team will play 70 minute- games and 5 minute-halves. And we'll have a 2-day preseason tournament soon. Whew! You're sure meeting up with a lot of monster statues (buffalo!!). I can't believe that summer is already almost over. Seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye. Nothing is really happening around town- it is so boring without you guys. We went to Will's house for Yawehs. Got to play some video games (Call of Duty, World at War). Smooches and Hasta Manana and etc. Max