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Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are in Alaska! We drove from Whitehorse to Tok yesterday. The road was rough with frostheaves creating many dips and bumps in the road. We had to go slow with the trailer. We thought about going all the way, but by the time we got to Tok ( rhymes with poke), we had been going for 13 hours and were pooped out! We did go through Kluane National Park, see the picture of the pretty lake. It is surrounded by mountains. We passed a big grizzly on the lakeshore. The wildlife viewing has been good. We have seen 6 bears (3 grizzlies and 3 black), dall sheep, bighorn sheep, many stone sheep, many bison, mule deer, elk, and a wolf. We have not seen caribou or moose, although we did see many signs to watch out for them.

We are now in gold rush territory, see the picture. We passed places where you can still pan for gold. We took a side trip 2 days ago to Skagway where the Klondike gold miners got off the boat to go to the gold fields. Much of the town is restored and interesting. It was cold and rainy and we had to drive through the clouds to get there. Now the town is full of tourists from cruise ships!

We should get to Glennallen today, they tell me the road is rough with miles of gravel road from construction. Only one more day! Thanks for all the prayers. Everyone is doing well, but tired and ready to get there. I love road trips, but this one is a doozy!

Mom, I am sitting in the hotel lobby listening to Christmas carols, I know that you would appreciate it. The tours go from here to NOrth Pole, AK, near Fairbanks, to see Santa and his reindeer, so the hotel picks up the theme!

Here is picture of Ansley in Alaska and Luke in CAnada.
We made it!
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  1. Yeah- you made it! Praise God.

    Love from the Rileys

  2. Yay! I'm so gald you guys made it! The pics are awesome and it great to see you guys!
    I love you all and still miss you like crazy! :)
    Beka <3