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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're off!

Hello, everyone!

Luke here. You asked and we delivered! (cue triumphal music) Seriously, though, this is the Melton's blog for our trip to Alaska. We'll try to send it to everyone who's interested, but in case we miss anyone, or we don't have their email address, please forward our site to whoever you think would enjoy it.

We left on our trip on Monday around two. As you can see from the picture, we are trying to use every bit of available space! After driving until midnight, we arrived at our aunt and uncle's house in Nashville, Tennessee. Then, we spent the day there to drop off extra items (like gifts) and to see our new cousin, Kai, over skype! My aunt and uncle adopted him from China, and are there right now picking him up.

We headed out again the next day. After a moderate ride, we decided to stop at Cracker Barrel. Then, we called the Steeles to find out where they were on their trip to Iowa. Unbelievably, they were very close! They met us there, and we laughed about getting to see each other in Illinois. I mean, what are the odds? All too soon, we said goodbye and left again.

Ansley here. Yesterday we got to go to the biggest indoor water park in the world! It is the most fun water park I've ever been to in my whole life!!! I love you and miss you very very very much!

Please pray that this trip would continue to go well.

Thanks for reading,

The Meltons


  1. Great job, Luke! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. We need more pictures, though. I still haven't seen the new Suburban.

    Take lots of pix out the window when you get into Canada--or any other interesting place.

    We'll be praying....


  2. Love the Blogg, so cool. It is super wonderful to hear things are going great. Sending all our love and prayers.

  3. Hey Meltons! So happy to hear from you, your trip sounds fun. Safe traveling. The Abel Clan

  4. Dear Melton's, This is from Laurie Steele's Mom. Yesterday the Steele's were here in Iowa and posted a comment to your blog. I thought I followed all the directions but I do not see the blog here today. They left this morning to go home. I talked to them around noon and the air conditioner was not working in the van. The temperature was 99 and Laurie said they were drenched from being so hot. At 2:30 PM they were in a garage, trying to get the AC fixed. I did not think it was the time to remind her that when she was a kid it was the way we traveled all the time; without air conditioning. :-) I tried calling them about 15 minutes ago and received no answer. Will try again before I go to bed. I will post this and see if it posts. God's blessing to you all in your endeavor. Laurie's Mom